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It’s quite common that as we age, we start to become a little less stable on our feet. Because of this, it may be beneficial to take certain actions in helping to prevent falling, as well as injuring the feet. The first step in this process would be making sure your home is safe and… Read more »

Elderly Americans are very susceptible to falls as they get older. Everyone experiences decreases in flexibility, balance, strength, and the senses as they age. This correlates to some eye-opening statistics. 1 in 4 Americans aged 65 and older fall each year. An elderly American is being treated for a fall in an emergency room every… Read more »

Patients who have corns on their feet are often aware of the pain and discomfort they may cause. A corn is a hardened area of skin that forms on the bottom of the feet, or between the toes. It can form as a result of wearing shoes that do not fit correctly, or from medical conditions… Read more »

Corns and Calluses are both hardened layers of thickened skin that develop because of friction. Both ailments are typically found on the feet and may be unsightly. Although they have similarities, corns and calluses are different from each other. Some causes of corns and calluses may be wearing ill-fitting shoes and not wearing socks. If… Read more »