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Running is a great exercise for your overall health, but to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits, make sure that you are wearing the right shoes! Wearing ill-fitting or unsupportive running shoes can increase your risk of injury, so it is important to choose high-quality shoes that fit correctly. Running shoes should be… Read more »

People are constantly wearing improperly-fitting shoes. Though it isn’t hard, picking the right shoes does require keeping a few things in mind. Shoe stores have rulers so you can get an exact measurement of your feet. Be sure to always measure your feet with your shoes on. Measuring just your foot will give you a… Read more »

In podiatry, biomechanics involves assessing the structure, alignment and function of the feet. The foot provides us with the ability to walk upright and has developed to adapt to whatever surfaces we walk on. Because the average person takes between 5,000 and 18,000 steps in a single day, the foot can experience stress from repetitiveness, resulting in injury. While… Read more »

Biomechanics and its related study deal with the forces that act against the body and affect things like our movement. In podiatry, biomechanics are studied to determine the movement of the ankle, toes, and the foot, as well as the forces that impact them. Podiatrists who train in this specialty are able to effectively diagnose… Read more »

Foot pain can be extremely problematic and can potentially lead to limited mobility for those who are suffering. Therefore, if you are experiencing foot pain, it is important to consult with a podiatrist to help determine the underlying causes of the issue. One cause of foot pain is arthritis, and this occurs when the cartilage… Read more »