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The ankle is a hinged joint formed by the tibia and fibula bones in the lower leg and the talus bone at the top of the foot. Like other joints in the body, the ankle joint is lined by the synovium, a tissue that allows the joint to move smoothly. When the synovium becomes inflamed,… Read more »

Pain experienced in the ankle can be caused by a multitude of conditions. While the most common cause is an ankle sprain, other possible problems can include arthritis, gout, ankle instability, an ankle fracture, nerve compression, or tendinitis. In more serious cases, ankle pain can be a sign of improper alignment of the foot or… Read more »

People who enjoy running or jogging may find it difficult to perform these activities with a broken toe. It is a common occurrence among people who participate in sporting activities, and runners may be unhappy with taking needed time off from their chosen sport to heal the toe properly. Additionally, a broken toe can occur from… Read more »

The forefoot is composed of five metatarsal bones and fourteen phalanges. Each toe has three phalanges except for the big toe which only has two. Our toes play an essential role to the walking process, which is why a broken toe could seriously disrupt one’s ability to move around. Toe fractures are common and can… Read more »