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Trauma to the foot, especially the toes, can occur in many ways. Banging them, stubbing them, or dropping something on them are a few different ways this trauma can occur. Given the fact that toes are positioned in front of the feet, they typically sustain the brunt of such trauma. When trauma occurs to a… Read more »

Your feet are covered most of the day. If you’re diabetic, periodic screening is important for good health. Numbness is often a sign of diabetic foot and can mask a sore or wound.

Even if you do not know all that much about the field of podiatry, there is a chance that you might already be familiar with what an ingrown toenail is. This condition is essentially characterized by the growth of the side of the toenail into the skin, such that inflammation and redness occurs. Many individuals… Read more »

An ingrown toenail is a nail that has curved downward and grown into the skin.  This typically occurs at either the nail borders or the sides of the nail.  As a result, pain, redness, swelling, and warmth may occur in the toe.  If a break in the skin forms due to the ingrown nail, bacteria… Read more »