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Post-traumatic wounds over the top part of the foot are injuries that occur after a traumatic event, such as an accident or severe impact. These wounds can be caused by cuts, crush injuries, or severe abrasions. When they happen, it is essential to treat them properly to prevent complications like infection or poor healing. Handling… Read more »

Diabetics must be wary of all wounds, regardless of depth or size. Diabetes, a chronic disease in which the body cannot properly use glucose the way it normally would, causes various complications that make wounds difficult to heal. Nerve damage or neuropathy will cause diabetics to have trouble feeling the pain of a blister or… Read more »

Diagnosing an Achilles tendon injury, such as a tear or rupture, involves several precise steps to ensure accurate identification and treatment. First, a podiatrist will discuss your symptoms, focusing on any sharp pain in the ankle or back of the leg, difficulty walking, or an audible snap at the time of injury. A thorough physical… Read more »

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body; it is a tough band of fibrous tissue that stretches from the bones of the heel to the calf muscles. This tendon is what allows us to stand on our toes while running, walking, or jumping, it is common for this tendon to become injured…. Read more »

High ankle sprains, prevalent among athletes, are distinct from traditional ankle sprains due to the affected ligaments. These injuries typically occur during sudden twists or impacts that force the foot upwards, straining the ligaments connecting the two lower leg bones, the tibia, and fibula. These are unlike common ankle sprains, which involve the ligaments on… Read more »