A Podiatrist Gives Tips to Prevent Achilles Tendon Injuries

How to Avoid This Debilitating Problem

Dallas podiatristAn Achilles tendon injury can leave you on the sidelines for an extremely long time. Just walking will be an incredibly difficult chore, much less being able to participate in the activities you love. The best way of dealing with this issue, of course, is to avoid it in the first place. A Dallas podiatrist can recommend several ways you can do just that – here are some of them.

Maintain Your Overall Health

If you’re in good shape, you have much less of a chance of suffering an Achilles problem. Start a workout regiment if you haven’t already. Talk to your doctor first, of course, to make sure you’re healthy enough. If you get the OK, then talk to a trainer who can show you the safest way to get the exercise you need. You need to maintain the weight that is right for your body type; don’t allow yourself to get overweight, but don’t become underweight either.

Be on the Lookout for Foot or Leg Problems

If you have even a small growth on your foot, you should see a Dallas podiatrist as soon as you can. The same thing goes for having any sort of strain or sprain. The reason is that if your stride is thrown off even a little bit, you could be putting extra strain on your Achilles without even knowing it. Have your issue treated before it turns into something much more serious.

One way of avoiding foot or leg issues is to exercise on soft surfaces as much as possible, because this will make it a great deal easier on your joints and tendons. If you play tennis, for example, try to find a grass court rather than a concrete or clay court. If you’re in the gym, use a floor that has cushioning rather than a hardwood floor. Just make sure the surface isn’t soft enough that your heel sinks lower than the remainder of your foot.

A Dallas podiatrist with Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists can provide several other recommendations to help you avoid an extremely painful Achilles issue. Give us a call at (214) 272-2848 or contact us online to learn more or schedule an appointment.