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Gaining weight can happen suddenly and at any time. Usually you won’t notice the extra weight until your feet start hurting at the end of the day. This happens as your feet begin adjusting to carrying more weight. Foot swelling and pain are two of the biggest side effects of having gained weight. Many foot-related… Read more »


Research has shown the medical condition that is referred to as cracked heels may originate from wearing shoes with an open back, flip flops, or from standing for the majority of the day. The skin on the feet may become dry and hardened, and cracks or fissures may develop from the pressure the feet must… Read more »

Cracked heels can make life very frustrating and embarrassing when displaying the bare feet. Aside from being unpleasing to the eye, they can also tear stockings and socks and wear out shoes at a faster rate. When severe, cracked heels may cause pain or infection. Cracked heels are a problem for those who are athletic, those who… Read more »

The area in the foot that is located between bones and fibrous tissue is known as the tarsal tunnel. There are several nerves, arteries, veins, and tendons that lie inside this portion of the foot. If these nerves should be compressed, inflammation may occur and may be indicative of a condition that is referred to… Read more »