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Bunion surgery in Dallas can provide many benefits to people suffering from foot pain so severe it interferes with their quality of life. Here is some information on some of the different surgical options you may have, as well as what to expect once the procedure is done. Bunion Treatment Options While there are many… Read more »

A foot injury can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose, so it is very important that you turn to a podiatrist in Dallas who has the experience and skill necessary to provide an accurate diagnosis and to put together the most effective treatment plan. These are just some of the factors you need to keep… Read more »

Everyone recovers from surgery differently, and Achilles tendon surgery is no exception. However, there are several general guidelines that can give you a pretty good picture of how long it will take before you can get back to normal. Here is a quick look at what you can expect. Making Progress The progress you make… Read more »

Hammertoe is a condition where the either the second, third or fourth toes are deformed, typically because they are bent at the middle portion. While it can be corrected if addressed early enough, if hammertoe is not treated it may require surgery to fix. Causes There are two main reasons why hammertoe occurs; either the… Read more »

Preparing for ankle surgery can be worrisome for many people, because you are not sure what will happen during your recovery and how long it may last. Here is some information on what to expect after your procedure. Minor Procedures If you will have a relatively minor type of ankle surgery, such as an arthroscopy or… Read more »