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Ingrown toenails occur when pressure from the ingrowth portion of the nail pushes into the skin. Once the nail breaks through, that causes painful inflammation. If left untreated, an infection can take place. Symptoms The most common symptoms of ingrown toenails (also known by the medical term onychocryptosis) include swelling, pain and redness. There may… Read more »

Similar to how carpal tunnel syndrome affects the wrist, tarsal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that affects the foot. It is typically caused by an abnormal amount of pressure being placed on a nerve. Here is some information on the issue, and some ways to tell that you may have it. The Tarsal Tunnel… Read more »

Pressure ulcers can obviously be much more than an eyesore. They can be extremely painful and potentially even dangerous if they are not treated properly and an infection sets in. These are some of the ways to prevent this serious problem from occurring. What they Are Pressure ulcers are also known as bedsores, pressure sores… Read more »

How to Avoid This Debilitating Problem An Achilles tendon injury can leave you on the sidelines for an extremely long time. Just walking will be an incredibly difficult chore, much less being able to participate in the activities you love. The best way of dealing with this issue, of course, is to avoid it in… Read more »

Many of us, even in the Dallas, TX region, tend to take our footwear for granted.  Shoes can play a huge role in the health of the foot and ankle. In fact, there are plenty of people who find that simply switching from the wrong shoe to the right shoe can reduce or even eliminate foot pain entirely. Selecting… Read more »