Clarix Flo

CLARIX FLO is a new treatment for heel pain that delivers success when other conservative treatment methods fail. An injection of CLARIX FLO contains amniotic tissue from the umbilical cord, which has regenerative properties that helps promote healing and tissue growth while controlling inflammation. There is no leftover scarring or damage. Heel pain from inflammation is relieved, and the healing of affected tissue is supported.

During the procedure, Dr. Legel will numb your foot before inserting a small needle into the side of your heel. A small amount of powdered umbilical cord mixed with an anesthetic will be injected into the area around your plantar fascia. Some pain may be felt for 24-48 hours after the numbness wears off, and high impact activities should be avoided for a week. Dr. Legel will give you information on how to best manage any residual pain.

CLARIX FLO typically delivers pain relief in a few days, with an overall improvement in function over several weeks. The treatment works to both control both pain from inflammation and help support the healing process. While a single injection may relieve most of your pain, a second injection after six to eight weeks may be needed to boost the regenerative process.