Conditions that May Require Foot Surgery

foot surgeryThere are several conditions that may require a patient to eventually undergo foot surgery, as well as post-operative exercises to increase strength and speed recovery. Here are a few of the issues that may necessitate a surgical procedure.

Achilles Problems

If you have a torn Achilles tendon, you will need to have surgery to fix the problem. This procedure typically involves making an incision just above the heel in order to access the tendon so it can be sewn back together. The procedure is typically delayed until about a week after the injury so that swelling can subside. Once the foot surgery is finished, the patient will probably need to wear a walking boot or cast for 6-12 weeks. However, there are some restricted motion exercises that could help reduce the time it takes to recover.


A bunion is a deformity of the foot that can be extremely painful. Surgery typically entails removing or realigning soft tissue in order to restore proper alignment and relieve pain. If the joint is severely deformed, stitches, screws or small wires may be inserted.


This is a condition that results in a toe bending in an unnatural way as well as moderate to severe foot pain. If conservative treatments such as strengthening exercises and physical therapy do not work, foot surgery may be needed.

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