Diagnosis and Treatment of Flat Feet

Flat FeetFlat feet, also known as fallen arches, is a condition that affects millions of people. It is typically the result of tendons in the foot and lower leg not working properly. Here is some information on how this issue is diagnosed, as well as information on how it is treated.

Diagnosis of Flat Feet

Your doctor will perform a thorough examination in order to confirm a diagnosis of flat feet and then determine the best course of treatment. The exam will likely include a detailed look at your health history to look for any type of injury or illness that could have contributed to the condition. The doctor will probably ask you to stand and perform some simple tasks, such as raising up on your toes, and will closely observe your legs and feet as you do so. You may also undergo tests to gauge the strength of certain tendons and muscles in your legs and feet. Your doctor will probably want to take an MRI or X-ray of your feet as well.

Treatment for Flat Feet

There are several different treatments your Dallas podiatrist may recommend if you are diagnosed with flat feet. For instance, he or she may suggest using rest and ice to relieve any pain and swelling you may be experiencing. Physical therapy and stretching exercises may be helpful, as well as orthotic devices. In some instances, injections may be needed in order to reduce inflammation. If the problem is especially severe and causing foot damage, a surgical procedure may be required.

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