How Are Broken Toes Diagnosed?

Broken toes and sprained toes are sometimes confused with each other. However, broken toes are far more serious because an untreated toe fracture can hinder your ability to walk, increase your risk of developing arthritis and be extremely painful. The characteristic symptoms of a broken toe that differentiate it from a sprain include localized throbbing pain at the fracture site, hearing a cracking sound at the time of injury, swelling, and bruising. If you suspect that you may have broken your toe, it is recommended that you visit a podiatrist. Broken toes are typically diagnosed using an X-ray and physical examination. The doctor may need to take multiple X-ray images to determine the location and extent of the break. For more information about broken toes, please consult with a podiatrist.

Broken toes may cause a lot of pain and should be treated as soon as possible. If you have any concerns about your feet, contact Dr. Kennedy Legel from Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists. Our doctor will treat your foot and ankle needs.

What Is a Broken Toe?

A broken toe occurs when one or more of the toe bones of the foot are broken after an injury. Injuries such as stubbing your toe or dropping a heavy object on it may cause a toe fracture.

Symptoms of a Broken Toe

  • Swelling
  • Pain (with/without wearing shoes)
  • Stiffness
  • Nail Injury

Although the injured toe should be monitored daily, it is especially important to have a podiatrist look at your toe if you have severe symptoms. Some of these symptoms include worsening or new pain that is not relieved with medication, sores, redness, or open wounds near the toe.

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