What to Expect After Ankle Surgery

ankle surgeryPreparing for ankle surgery can be worrisome for many people, because you are not sure what will happen during your recovery and how long it may last. Here is some information on what to expect after your procedure.

Minor Procedures

If you will have a relatively minor type of ankle surgery, such as an arthroscopy or a procedure to remove screws, your ankle will probably still need to be immobilized for a certain period of time. Ligaments typically take about six weeks to heal so you may need immobilization in a cast or boot to minimize the risk of damage. You will need to keep your dressing as dry as possible so your incision can heal properly, and elevate your leg when necessary. You may be in a weight-bearing boot for about three or four weeks and, if needed, you may need to undergo physical therapy for a few weeks to build strength and restore your range of motion.

Major Procedures

If you are undergoing a tendon repair, you need ankle surgery for a fracture, or you are undergoing some other major procedure, then your recovery will, of course, take longer. You will probably see your doctor within 5-7 days for a follow-up visit to make sure your ankle is healing properly. For about three weeks, you may be in a non-weight bearing fiberglass cast. During this time you will need to avoid any sort of standing or walking, so you will likely need to use crutches or a wheelchair. Then, you can expect to be in a boot for about another 4-6 weeks and then possibly go through physical therapy.

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