When to See a Foot Specialist

Not sure if you should visit a foot specialist or not? Here are several cases where visiting a foot care specialist is a very good idea – sooner rather than later.

Exercise-Related Injuries

Foot Specialists

Are you starting a new workout plan? Maybe you’ve begun running, or your switching to a different type of cardio, or you decided to add some weights for more endurance. It’s common at this point to feel some foot pain, along with some aches or swelling. After a few days of rest (and breaking in your new shoes) assess that pain again.

If it’s still there and especially if it seems to be growing worse instead of better, then it’s time to visit a podiatrist. You don’t want to do any long-term damage, and a specialist can recommend physical therapy or training to prevent injury in the future.

Long-Term Joint Pain

If you have joint pain in your feet that just won’t go away no matter how much you rest, it’s time to see a foot specialist. This is a common sign of arthritis: Arthritis can take many forms and have many causes, but it should be treated as early as possible to both prevent pain and help your joints stay as strong as possible.

Conditions that Can Affect Feet (Particularly Diabetes)

Any long-term health conditions that may affect your feet should be given particular attention. The best example is diabetes, which can cause a variety of foot-related issues, some of them very dangerous. In this case, consistent visits with a foot specialist are necessary to get a good idea of how serious current symptoms are, and how to manage your feet as well as any other conditions you may have.

Swelling or Wounds That Won’t Heal

Some swelling is common, especially after a sprain or similar injury. But if the swelling isn’t going down even after some serious bed rest (or if it’s extremely painful), you need to visit a foot specialist and check out the extent of the damage. The same is true of any other wounds that don’t seem to be healing properly.

Numbness or Strange Nerve Pain

If your foot feels numb or your nerves are tingling (or feel like they are burning), and the feeling won’t go away, then it’s time to see a foot specialist. Nerve damage is not something you want to risk!

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