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When your feet hurt, it is not easy to to do any form of exercise. However, it is thought that being active can actually help to reduce pain in the long run. If putting weight on your feet for any period of time is simply too painful, taking to the water might help. Exercising in… Read more »

The feet, being the foundation of the body, carry all of the body’s weight and are therefore prone to experiencing pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing foot pain, it is important to determine where in the foot you are experiencing this pain to help discover the cause of it. While pain can be experienced… Read more »

You don’t need an excuse to have beautiful nails. Step outside without worrying about the appearance of your feet.

If your ankle suddenly rolls inward, causing great pain and swelling, you may have more than a sprain. If the outer ligament is torn during an injury, it sometimes lops off a small piece of bone at the end of the fibula (the outer leg bone). Though this injury is known as a fibular avulsion… Read more »

When the foot or ankle experiences trauma, a fracture may occur.  Causes of foot and ankle fractures can vary; in some cases, an obvious impact to the foot or a fall can be behind a fracture.  Alternatively, fractures can also occur because of increased stress on the bone over time.  The location of the fracture… Read more »