Flat Feet Care in Dallas

What are Flat Feet?

foot arches, flat feet dallasFlat feet is a condition in which the arch on one foot or both feet falls, allowing the entire bottom of the foot touches the ground. One of the results of flat feet is that it forces the feet to turn inward, causing instability in your feet, ankles and legs. This can lead to more serious complications. As a podiatrist and foot surgeon, Dr. Legel can properly treat flat feet both surgically and non-surgically.

Conditions Causing Flat Feet

Whether by wear and tear, trauma or other injury, the arch in your foot can fall, leaving you with flat feet or fallen arches. Some of the more common causes of flat feet include:

Treating Flat Feet

Our team has a vast amount of experience in treating flat feet. We  always consider conservative, non-surgical treatments first. Some conservative options may include support inserts in shoes, physical therapy, stretching exercises, and changing the style of shoes worn. If these non-surgical options do not bring about the desired result, foot surgery may be recommended to relieve the pain.

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