Infected Wounds in Dallas

What are Infected Wounds?

An infected wound is simply the result of bacteria taking over the wound after the body failed to heal the broken skin. This is most often seen when a disease such as diabetes has compromised the immune system or the patient does not properly cover or care for the wound. People with a compromised immune system may not be able to properly defend itself against infection. For both the elderly and those with diabetes, this is particularly dangerous. Dallas podiatrist Dr. Kennedy Legel and his staff at Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists can properly address and treat infected wounds of all types.

What Causes Infected Wounds

Infected wounds are caused when the body cannot heal the affected area. Typically, when the skin is broken and bacteria sets in, the body’s immune system has an amazing ability to attack the bacteria and heal the wound. However, diseases such as diabetes can compromise the body’s immune system and thus keep the body from naturally healing the infected area. If you have diabetes and have a slow-healing wound or ulcer on the foot and ankle area, please see our diabetic wound specialist for a thorough examination.

Treating Infected Wounds

Wounds that are infected must be properly cleaned and dressed so as to help the body heal the infected area. The most serious complication is that the wound will not heal and can deteriorate the muscle, bone, tissue and surrounding skin. Dr. Legel has the experience and expertise to accurately diagnose, treat and manage the non-healing wound.

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