Hallux Rigidus Care Dallas

podiatrist foot pain stiff big toeHallux rigidus, also known as “stiff big toe,” is a condition usually caused by arthritis in which uncomfortable pain, swelling or stiffness is located in the big toe. Because the big toe is used in simple movement such as walking, the foot pain can limit your ability to participate in your usual daily routine.

Stiff Big Toe Condition

Usually because of ongoing wear and tear, the cartilage in the big toe breaks down, leaving the bones to rub against each other. Usually a bone spur develops keeping the toe from being able to bend properly. This impacts routines like walking, running or standing on “your tippy toes.”

Symptoms of Hallux Rigidus

The big toe has to bend when your are walking, running or standing. If the big toe stiffens and will not bend, you will experience common symptoms of hallux rigidus:

Treating Hallux Rigidus

Before a treatment is prescribed, our Dallas foot surgeon will want to properly examine the affected toe. Based on his findings, Dr. Legel may recommend conservative treatment options such as:

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