Arterial Ulcer Care in Dallas

What are Arterial Ulcers?

Arterial ulcers are ulcers that appear on the foot, heel or ankle because the body cannot deliver nutrient-rich blood to that area. When the skin area of the foot, heel or ankle is deprived of proper blood flow, it kills the tissue and thus an open ulcer develops. This lack of blood flow will keep the tissue from healing properly, resulting in an open wound or ulcer. Dr. Legel and his team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists have diagnosed and managed the care for many wound and ulcers. They can take care of you.

Symptoms of Arterial Ulcers

Arterial ulcers are easy to identify. They are usually found on the tips of the toes, the outer ankle, or any place where there is pressure caused by footwear. They can move down to the tendon level causing pain around the wound and even turning to a yellow, black or brown discoloration. If you suspect you have an arterial ulcer, our wound care specialist has the training and resources to alleviate the condition.

Treating Arterial Ulcers

The primary objective in treating arterial ulcers is to help the area regain proper blood flow. The team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists will properly examine the ulcer and prescribe the best treatment route to bring about good health.

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