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Many people enjoy the sports of running and jogging, and are generally aware of the importance of preventing running injuries. These types of injuries can include ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures, which typically can cause severe pain and discomfort. Research has indicated the importance of stopping the activity that caused the injury, as… Read more »


Sesamoiditis may occur when the sesamoid bones in the feet become inflamed. This condition can be incredibly uncomfortable and can cause pain that is typically felt in the ball of the foot. This condition is common among dancers, joggers, those who frequently wear high heels, as well as those who have high-arched feet. Along with feeling… Read more »

There are noticeable symptoms when a patient experiences an Achilles tendon injury. These often include severe pain and discomfort in the heel and calf areas, and it may appear red and swollen. It can be difficult to flex and point the toes, which generally makes it painful to walk. It may occur as a result… Read more »

One of the most important things elderly people can do is to properly care for their feet. Many seniors can experience uncomfortable foot conditions as a result of a loss of cushioning as the aging process occurs. Research has indicated that one of the most favorable things seniors can do for their feet is wear… Read more »