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When an individual breaks their toe, the fracture might cause any number of different side effects in relation to the toe. For example, one important side effect of breaking your toe includes, in some cases, the possibility of nerve damage. There are several significant nerves in the toes. In fact, there is a nerve on… Read more »

The forefoot is composed of five metatarsal bones and fourteen phalanges. Each toe has three phalanges except for the big toe which only has two. Our toes play an essential role to the walking process, which is why a broken toe could seriously disrupt one’s ability to move around. Toe fractures are common and can… Read more »

Typically, certain individuals might have to take extra care in maintaining the health of their feet because they might be particularly susceptible to enduring afflictions of the feet. For example, individuals who suffer from diabetes are at an increased risk of developing conditions that negatively impact the feet. Additionally, senior citizens ought to be very… Read more »

While proper foot care is important for everybody, senior citizens have the tendency to be more susceptible to certain foot conditions. The elderly should therefore be well informed about any problems that may arise and about what they can do to properly avoid or treat them. Some of the most common foot problems seniors are… Read more »

Different people will respond to different exercise regimens when they want to lose weight and are challenged with foot problems. Beyond figuring out which exercises will work best, it may be hard to stay motivated. Pilates is one such program that can provide a total body workout of strength and flexibility while not taxing the… Read more »