Hammertoe Specialist in Dallas

What is Hammertoe?

hammertoe foot painHammertoe is a condition that causes the second, third or fourth toe to bend in an unnatural way causing moderate to severe foot pain. Hammer toe deformities should be examined by a trained podiatry foot surgeon. Dallas podiatrist Dr. Kennedy Legel has the training and background in successfully treating hammertoes and hammertoe deformities.

Are Hammertoes More Common in Women or Men?

The answer is women. The reason is because of the types of footwear used, especially shoes that narrow at the toes. These type of shoes place an extreme pressure on the toes, which causes deformity. It is important that you see our foot surgeon if you are experiencing this type of foot pain or deformity.

Treatment for Hammertoe

A proper evaluation is key to determining the extent and severity of the hammertoe condition, which in turn will determine the best course of podiatric treatment. If you suffer from hammertoe, Dr. Legel has the experience to correctly diagnose and treat it. Conservative, non-surgical hammertoe treatment options include:

If non-surgical treatments do not reduce the foot pain or provide complete relief, then foot surgery may be required. Surgery to straighten the hammertoe may include cutting the ligaments, cutting the tendons or even doing bone fusion repair.

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