Heel Surgery in Dallas

heel surgery foot pain dallasWhile Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists in Dallas, TX always provides our patients with the most conservative treatment options first when it comes to heel injuries and foot pain, heel surgery is sometimes required. In such cases, our experienced podiatrist and foot/ankle specialist takes the time to educate you about all possible treatment options, enabling you to make informed health care choices for your lifestyle.

Do You Need Heel Surgery?

Patients with heel pain, whether related to disease, sports injury or serious trauma, may be diagnosed with a condition that requires heel surgery. Possible conditions responding well to surgery include:

What is Involved in Heel Surgery?

Heel surgery at Advanced Foot & Ankle takes place like most surgeries. Each patient is provided options, and if surgery is chosen, a qualified medical expert completes a thorough exam using advanced medical imaging technology to assess the damage. From there, the surgery will be performed at our location in Dallas, TX, to repair of damaged tissue or bone. We use the latest podiatric tools and heel surgery techniques. Short recovery time, minimal pain, and an easier rehabilitation are always our highest priority.

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