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Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition that causes poor blood flow to the lower limbs. This is due to plaque buildup, which makes the arteries that supply blood to the area harden and narrow. While anyone can develop PAD, some people are more at risk than others. PAD is slightly more common in men than… Read more »

Peripheral artery disease (PAD), or peripheral arterial disease, is a circulatory problem in which there is a reduction of blood flow to the limbs due to narrowed arteries. When peripheral artery disease develops, the extremities do not receive enough blood flow; this may cause symptoms to develop such as claudication, or leg pain when walking…. Read more »

The cuboid bone is a cube-shaped bone located on the outer side of the foot. When this bone is displaced due to overuse or an ankle sprain, a condition called cuboid syndrome develops. This is a very common injury in athletes and ballet dancers and represents 4% of all foot injuries. Cuboid syndrome typically causes… Read more »

Cuboid syndrome mostly affects athletes, although it can affect non-athletes too. It is also known as cuboid subluxation or cuboid fault syndrome.  This condition occurs when joints and ligaments near the cuboid bone of the foot are damaged, or when the cuboid bone itself is dislodged from its natural position. It is usually marked by… Read more »