All About Haglund’s Deformity

Do you have a visible bony bump on the back of your heel? If so, you may have a Haglund’s deformity, an abnormality of the foot bone and surrounding soft tissues. Though often harmless, in some people, the deformity can cause pain due to the bony bump rubbing against shoes and irritating the soft tissues around it. This can lead to another condition called bursitis, which can make the deformity larger. The larger deformity, in turn, leads to more irritation and a cycle of pain. People who wear high heels or shoes with tight or rigid backs are at an increased risk of this condition. Conservative treatments for Haglund’s deformity include wearing shoes with open backs, heel pads, or orthotics, applying ice to the bumps, and taking over-the-counter pain medications. Surgery may be an option if more conservative treatment methods fail. For more information, please consult with a podiatrist.  

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Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain is often associated with plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a band of tissues that extends along the bottom of the foot. A rip or tear in this ligament can cause inflammation of the tissue.

Achilles tendonitis is another cause of heel pain. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon will cause pain from fractures and muscle tearing. Lack of flexibility is also another symptom.

Heel spurs are another cause of pain. When the tissues of the plantar fascia undergo a great deal of stress, it can lead to ligament separation from the heel bone, causing heel spurs.

Why Might Heel Pain Occur?

  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes                  
  • Wearing non-supportive shoes
  • Weight change           
  • Excessive running


Heel pain should be treated as soon as possible for immediate results. Keeping your feet in a stress-free environment will help. If you suffer from Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis, applying ice will reduce the swelling. Stretching before an exercise like running will help the muscles. Using all these tips will help make heel pain a condition of the past.

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