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There are two bones that are located under the joint at the bottom of the big toe. These are referred to as the sesamoid bones. If they should suffer an injury or become inflamed from overuse, a condition known as sesamoiditis may occur. The symptoms associated with this ailment may include pain while walking or running,… Read more »

People who are interested in helping folks who have foot and ankle disorders may want to consider podiatry as a career choice. Some of the conditions that are treated may be ingrown toenails, chronic foot pain, or bunions, which may require surgery for permanent relief. Additionally, podiatrists may specialize in diabetic foot care, and can… Read more »

The technical name for a condition known as cracked heels is referred to as keratoderma. A noticeable symptom of this condition may include thickened skin on the heel of the foot. If this is not treated promptly and properly, cracks, or fissures may develop in the affected area. The skin may lose hydration as a… Read more »

If you are involved in an occupation and the majority of the time is spent standing on your feet, you may notice there is pain and discomfort in your feet and lower legs. These professions may include mail carriers, casino dealers, or retail salespersons. The feet carry the majority of the body’s weight, and it… Read more »

If you have a condition that is known as Morton’s neuroma, you may notice pain in the ball of the foot. This may be a result of an irritated nerve that has become enlarged, and may occur between the third and fourth toes. Patients who are afflicted with this condition may notice a burning sensation… Read more »