Choosing Running Shoes for Your Pronation

We exercise for our overall health, but sometimes, we can forget that our feet need to be taken care of as well. This is especially true for those who walk and run on a regular basis. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause pain, acute and chronic, as well as structural damage to the foot. It is important to find the right shoe for you to maintain the health of your entire body.

What is Pronation?

Pronation refers to how your body naturally moves, specifically as you walk or run. It effects the way your foot will roll inward in order to distribute the impact properly upon landing against the ground. When you know your pronation, it is simple to find the right running shoes for both comfort and long-term health.
What is Your Pronation Type?
There are three types of pronation you can have, and this depends on your arches as well as where you naturally push off to run.

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