Easy Steps to Healthier Feet

Common Foot Problems

feetThe human foot has 42 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and 50 ligaments and tendons made of fibrous tissues. The foot can have almost as many problems with conditions ranging from moderate to severe. Some lighter ailments include blisters and corns. More moderate to severe cases include bunions and plantar fasciitis, which can physically alter the foot. Foot ailments like toe fungus can be symptoms of other ailments, such diabetes or immune deficiency diseases like HIV.


Keeping up your hygiene is important to maintaining healthy feet. Fungal organisms grow in moisture, so make sure to keep your feet dry after thoroughly scrubbing with soap and water in the shower. Also, make sure to cut your toenails properly to avoid an ingrown nail.


Make sure to wear footwear that is ‘breathable’, fits properly, and allows circulation. It’s also important to avoid wearing other’s footwear, as fungal infections can be transmitted.

Examine Your Feet

Make sure to examine your feet at least once a week. Check the soles for scaling and peeling skin, as that could be a symptom of athlete’s foot. Also, look for toe fungus, as it can be an indicator of more serious illness.

Know When to See a Doctor

Any persistent redness, swelling, or discoloration should be examined by a podiatrist. Avoid self-treatment, as it could worsen the problem. Most foot problems can be easily cured with prescription medicine and minor in-office medical procedure.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Care

Advanced Foot & Ankle Care provides innovative treatments and specialized attention. During the first visit, staff will develop a positive ongoing relationship with each patient. If you’re experiencing any of the above foot symptoms, or seeking further advice for having healthier feet, schedule an appointment by calling us at (214) 366-4600. Early discovery of a foot problem can help avoid unnecessary pain and worsened foot problems.