Hallux Varus Causes and Treatment

Hallux Varus If you have hallux varus, that simply means your big toe points away from the second toe in an unusual fashion. It could develop due to a complication of bunion surgery but there are other causes as well. Here is some information on those causes as well as how the condition is typically treated.

Why Hallux Varus Occurs

Hallux varus can develop due to several reasons. These include a congenital deformity, a tendon problem or some sort of trauma. The most common symptom is pain due to the toe rubbing against the inside of a shoe. It can also lead to an increased chance of ingrown toenail development.

Many children have hallux varus, typically because their abductor hallucis tendon (which attaches to the big toe) is either tight or too short. This tendon should work in concert with the adductor hallucis tendon and keep the big toe straight. However, if the abductor hallucis is too tight, it will overpower its counterpart. As a result, the big toe will be pulled out of position.

Hallux Varus Treatment

The cause of hallux varus will largely determine the type of treatment your doctor will recommend. If a child has the condition, for example, the doctor may recommend stretching the abductor hallucis tendon through a splint, physical therapy or special footwear. However, surgery may be needed if conservative treatment does not work. If the condition develops after bunion surgery, then another procedure may be necessary. Most of the time, the earlier the problem is diagnosed and treated, the less complicated the surgery will typically be.

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