Is Bunion Surgery in Dallas Right for You?

Bunion Surgery in DallasBunion surgery in Dallas can provide many benefits to people suffering from foot pain so severe it interferes with their quality of life. Here is some information on some of the different surgical options you may have, as well as what to expect once the procedure is done.

Bunion Treatment Options

While there are many types of bunion surgery in Dallas, it is very important to know that no matter what type of procedure you have, the recovery will likely take a lot of time. Your doctor, of course, will carefully spell out your alternatives so you are confident you are getting the best treatment for your needs.

The surgeon may recommend a procedure that removes either a part of your big toe or another portion of a damaged joint, or he or she may want to stretch the tendons that surround your big toe. Or, you may need surgery to address an alignment issue.

Bunionectomy Recovery

Once your procedure is done and you are back home, it will likely take quite a while before you are back to normal, meaning you can walk without pain and wear regular shoes. Everyone recovers differently; it is very hard to predict when you will recover completely. Generally, though, it can take anywhere from two weeks to about two months or more.

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