How To Relieve Foot Pain After Work

If you have to stay on your feet a lot during the day, then it can take a toll on how your feet are feeling at the end of the day.  After a long work week, it can be even worse. Here are some tips for relieving foot pain after the work day is done.

Change Shoes

How To Relieve Foot Pain After WorkIf you work in boots a lot of the day or shoes with a heel, then you should remove them when you get home and put on something more comfortable. This also gives your feet a chance to breathe which can prevent some foot issues.

The Right Fit

Those that are on their feet a lot should take extra care to make sure they are wearing shoes that are of a suitable size. It is amazing how many people are walking around in shoes that are not the right size and don’t have the right type of support.

Buying shoes online is something a lot of people are doing, but it is still a good idea to get fitted if you are prone to foot fatigue and issues.

Invest In Custom Insoles

While the insoles you can get at the drug store do offer some relief, there is nothing that can compare to custom insoles designed with your foot issues in mind.  Our doctors at Advanced Foot & Ankle Care can take a look at your feet and offer you insoles that can do wonders for foot pain after work.

Foot Bath

There are many home units that mimic the spa pedicure experience. Soaking tired feet in Epsom Salts or similar foot treatment can be very relaxing and refreshing at the end of the day. Of course, if you have some skin issues or health conditions you might need to be careful using this method. 

Foot Care That Goes Beyond

Advanced Foot & Ankle Care Specialists can help you have less pain and discomfort in your life.

Contact us today for an appointment or with any questions you may have. We are dedicated to offering quality care to all.